Emerging day festival  in Köln (cologne)

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The Neue Wellen Festival is an emerging day festival taking place in Cologne, created by Patrik Thies and Joshua von Söhnen. The festival is dedicated to the genre of „new new German wave“ and offers an exciting blend of musical acts, art exhibitions, and an electrifying afterparty.

The first edition of the festival took place on April 15, 2023, at the rufffactory in Ehrenfeld. The lineup featured a variety of talented bands and artists, including 3LNA, Graustufe West, Tigermilch, Paulinko, Miese Mau, Viel Weiss und Rot, Femdom, and Zealu. In addition to the music, there was a fascinating exhibition showcasing the works of nine artists. The event culminated in an energetic afterparty at Nachtigall, where festival-goers could turn the night into day.

The second edition of the Neue Wellen Festival will be held at Odonien in Cologne, offering an open-air day festival experience. The lineup once again promises top-notch musical performances by Futurebare, Luis Ake, Donkey Kid, Brenda Blitz, Jean Baker, ein Rosenkavallier, and a reading by Nadine Primo. Additionally, there will be a unique Raveaerobic session, allowing festival-goers to get active to infectious beats and electronic music.

The Neue Wellen Festival aims to celebrate the new German wave and its diverse facets while providing a platform for emerging artists. With its diverse program of live music, art, and dance, the festival brings together creative expressions and creates a unique atmosphere where art enthusiasts, music lovers, and festival-goers can all feel at home.

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Key data

  • Köln
  • Day Festivals
  • currently in second edition
  • changing locations,
    e.g. Rufffactory, Odonien


  • Live-Concerts
  • Art Exhibitions
  • After-Party in clubs